Mostrando postagens de Dezembro, 2016

Cloudland Canyon - Krautwerk

Carousel - Light Of Day

Carousel - Penance

Carousel - Crippler

The blackstrap- The bitter, the sweet

Blackstrap - Make Sense Make Change (feat. Victoria Bergsman)


Egypt - Valley of the kings

Egypt - Valley of the kings

Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser

Stoned Jesus - Black Woods

Stoned Jesus - I'm The Mountain

Stoned Jesus - Stormy Monday (official video)

Stoned Jesus - Stormy Monday (official video)

MARS RED SKY - Up The Stairs

MARS RED SKY - The Light Beyond - Official

Mars Red Sky - Strong Reflection

Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound-The Slumbering Ones

Blaak Heat Shujaa - The Obscurantist Fiend (The Beast Pt. I)

Blaak Heat - Shifting Mirrors (Full Album 2016)

Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - When Sweet Sleep Returned [Full Album]...

Annihilation Time - This One's for You, God (Full Album)

Ancestors - Neptune with Fire (2008) [FULL ALBUM]

Ancestors - Orcus' Avarice

Ancestors - On the Wind

The Myrrors - Warpainting

Ancestors - First Light

Stone The Crows - I Saw America (full version)

Yes - And You And I

Yes - Acoustic

Yes - Acoustic

Rory Gallagher - Laundromat [1971]

Mighty Sam McClain - When The Hurt Is Over

Focus - Hocus Pocus Live '73

Curved Air - Propositions [1971]

Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out 1969

Stone The Crows - Danger Zone

Lucifer'S Friend: "Ride In The Sky"

Amon Düül II - Surrounded By The Stars

Atomic Rooster- A Spoonful of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down [1972]

May Blitz - Smoking The Day Away (1970)

UFO - Boogie [1970]

Beck Bogart & Appice - Superstition - 1973

WARHORSE 1971 Live!!!!

Free - Free Me (Beat Club Outtakes, 1970)

If - Forgotten Roads [1971]

Atomic Rooster - Sleeping for Years (Beat-Club August 1970)

Epitaph • Early Morning (1972)

Morgen - Love (Psychedelic Rock) 1969

Vanilla Fudge - Bang Bang (Beat Club, 1968)

Stone the Crows - Stone the Crows (full album)

Tal Wilkenfeld - Under the Sun - 3/4/2016 - Paste Studios, New York, NY

Women of Ireland - Jeff Beck

The Kinks - Lola (Official Audio)

Small Faces - Tin Soldier (good quality)

Atomic Rooster - Breakthrough Take (1971) HQ

BEGGARS OPERA Raymonds Road 1971

Colosseum - Take Me Back To Doomsday [1970]

Birth Control - Give Me Shelter (The work is done) [1971]

Free - Mr. Big [1970]

Stone The Crows: In Concert Beat Workshop

Stone The Crows - Freedom Road [1970]

BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO | Recording For Justin Johnson's New "Drivin' It D...

Slow Blues in the Mississippi Delta

HISTORIAS MUSICAIS & Brasil Africa Brasil Africa

Led Zeppelin III & IV Sessions *RARE OUTTAKES*